Shopping for RTW Tickets – Route 1 Dates and Itineraries

During our RTW flight research project, we came up with three different round the world routes to shop among eight different companies. If you haven’t seen them already, here are the the RTW Plane Ticket Reviews from our secret shopping project.

Below you will find the itinerary and dates for the first route we shopped to give you a better idea of our findings. Remember that we posed as customers for this project in order to get the most accurate experience of what it’s like to shop for RTW plane tickets. We also shopped all three itineraries leaving from three different cities around the world – New York, London, and Sydney.

Route 1 – 4 leg Hub City RTW

Dates: We searched all three of these routes using the same dates. We shopped each route between mid-November – mid-December 2011 – about 3.5 – 4.5 months before the first flight.

  • Flight 1: 04/01/12
  • Flight 2: 05/01/12
  • Flight 3: 06/01/12
  • Flight 4: 07/01/12


  • New York — London — Delhi — Bangkok — New York
  • London — Delhi — Bangkok — New York — London
  • Sydney — Bangkok — Delhi — London — Sydney