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April 2015 Fares for Multi-Stop Tickets

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If you are planning, or even thinking about planning an around the world trip, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you call it Round The World, Around The World, the common abbreviation, RTW, or long-term travel, it still means you are preparing for the trip of a lifetime.

And we’ve got just about everything you need when it comes to the biggest expense of a long-term trip – around the world airfare! This website is your go-to resource for learning about all available airfare options for your big trip.

Common Misconceptions About Around the World Tickets

When travelers first start researching long-term travel, they may think they only have a few options for their airfare – buying an around the world ticket from one of the big airline alliances or buying one-way tickets as they go.

These are two possible options, but not the only ones. In fact, the multi-stop airfare industry has changed quite a bit just in the last 5 years, so it pays to research all options available, of which there are many.

Don’t assume that if you want to buy all your flights before leaving that your only option is going through the alliances and abiding by all their rules. There are lots of other companies out there who specialize in around the world tickets (often called multi-stop airfare), and those same rules (like having to travel in one direction around the world, or having a cap on mileage traveled or number of stops) often don’t apply.

Around the World Airfare Resources

  • Download the free Around the World Airfare Report to get started learning about your options.
  • Sign up for the RTW Ticket Newsletter to hear about deals and stay up to date with the latest changes and advances in the multi-stop airfare business.
  • Read the reviews for each company and airline alliance we’ve secret shopped during the research portion of the airfare report.
  • Search, price, and book around the world tickets on Indie, the only multi-stop airfare engine of its kind that allows you to do everything completely online
  • Speak to an agent at AirTreks, all of whom are experts on around the world tickets and long-term travel.